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At Accurity Phoenix, we are experts in residential and commercial appraisals. Combining our local knowledge with our experience in the appraisal industry has made Accurity Phoenix one of the leading appraisal providers in the Phoenix area. We are here to meet your appraisal needs in challenging situations like divorce, estate planning, and dissolving partnerships. We take the time to answer your questions and make this process as stress-free as possible. Accurity Phoenix is dedicated to delivering high-quality, expert valuations to our customers. Call us today at (480) 565-6900 to get started.

Partnership Dissolution Appraisals

Partnership Dissolution Appraisals

The dissolution of a partnership can be challenging and complicated for all parties involved. Assets often need to be divided—including real estate. Hiring an expert, objective appraiser can help make the process as smooth as possible. At Accurity Phoenix, we perform appraisals for all residential and commercial property types, and our firm’s experience with handling […]

Residential Appraisals

Residential Appraisals

Accurity Phoenix is a leading provider for residential appraisals for single-family residences, condos, vacant land, and 2-4 unit properties. No matter what the need, Accurity Phoenix has the proven market expertise and knowledge to meet your demands. This includes divorce, bankruptcy, estate planning, financial planning, tax appeal or PMI removal. At Accurity Phoenix, we empower […]

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce Appraisals

Divorce is a painful process. Determining what happens to the house is filled with decisions, including ‘who’s staying’ and ‘who’s going.’ Often times the home is put up for sale, and the profits are split, or one of the parties buys out the other. In either case, one or both parties should hire the services […]

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